Now is the Time to Play

This is the month that buyers and sellers come out to play; it’s the season to show your property at its absolute best, you do not want to be left on the proverbial shelf. How do you turn prospect into purchaser?

If your home has been languishing on the market since Christmas or even earlier, take it off the market. Give it a chance to "cool down" for a few weeks before putting it back on the market. Buyers gravitate toward fresh, new listings!
Here are 10 things you can do to improve the odds that your home will stand out among the sea of new listings hopefully flooding the spring-time property market:

1) Wash windows inside and out / polish all mirrors
Cleanliness is free, and Cleanliness sells homes. A potential buyer may not realise why your home seems so inviting but will feel drawn to it if the windows are spotless and your mirrors reflect sunlight. Cleaning is the first step to preparing your home for sale.

2) Sweep the patio / trim back bushes
Clean out dead leaves and debris from your lawn. Don't let overgrown vegetation block the windows or path to the entrance. Cutting bushes and tree branches will let the sun inside and showcase the exterior of your home.

3) Mow diagonally and edge the lawn
Artfully manicured lawns are edged and tell buyers you pay attention to small details. Diagonally mowed lawns make your garden appear larger.

4) Replant tulips and daffodils or buy flowers in containers
Spring flowers stimulate buying urges. After a long winter, everybody is anxious to see the first signs of spring. Yellow tulips and daffodils evoke feelings of happiness and contentment. Arrange containers in groups near the entrance.

5) Clean curtains & blinds and open every window
Send your window coverings to the dry cleaners or wash, dry and press. Toss blinds into a soapy bathtub for a quick wash. Get rid of all accumulated dust and spider webs. Crisp linens and a spring-time breeze through the windows invites the season inside.

6) Set out fresh-smelling flowers such as just-clipped lilacs branches or lilacs
Natural scents are more appealing than artificial and trigger fewer allergies among those susceptible. Clever home staging brings colour and fragrance indoors.

7) Polish floors to a high gloss
Your hardwood floors should be refinished, if necessary. Make your hardwood floors twinkle and shine. Bleach dull grout. Thoroughly clean all area rugs.

8) Replace tired items, such as towels and bed throws, use soft pastel colours.
Even if it means replacing items, towels, linens, throws and sofa pillows are inexpensive accents you can buy. In soft spring colours, they will light up a room. Layer towels on bathroom towel racks and place rolled wash cloths on the worktops in a fashionable pyramid.

9) Offer an outside mat for cleaning shoes & put umbrella stand at entrance
No matter where you live, spring weather is often unpredictable. On some days, it can be 72 degrees one day and snowing the next. If it's raining, give buyers a place to store umbrellas and wipe their feet before entering your home. Some sellers lay down plastic runners across floors for protection, but that tends to ruin the effect of a glittering polish job.

10) Clear clutter
There is nothing worse than trying to look past a million and one belongings into a room, that may be large and airy, but it’s impossible to tell. Clear it all out, put your belongings in storage if necessary. Allow the buyers eye to really see the room for what it is.

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