First Time Buyers Agenda

Do a budget; work out how much money you have for fees, deposit and the monthly mortgage you can afford comfortably.
Credit rating: make sure your credit rating is solid and pay off any debts you can.
Approach a mortgage adviser or broker for advice
Research high street mortgage products independently
Choose a mortgage that is realistic and fill out application

Decide on a location: Be practical. Think about the commuting time and if you can afford to buy in the area.
Research the area: Check out crime rates, new transport links.
Register with local estate agents and look online for properties.
Arrange viewings of properties that fit your budget.
Narrow down your choices and arrange second and third viewings, some at different times of the day.
Make an offer and be ready to negotiate.

Make sure your mortgage offer still stands before spending any money. Instruct a reliable solicitor and conduct a survey/valuation

Keep in contact with your solicitor to make sure searches, deeds and the contract have been received.
Study the survey: You are still able to negotiate on price, especially if there are any expensive problems.
Study the contract with your solicitor, who should advise on any discrepancies.
Exchange: At this point you may need to put down a deposit and the property is yours. Get building insurance.

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